Defend your homeland with LanDefense! Choose your hero among three classes: warrior, archer or wizard, each with his unique ability!

Game features:

  • 10 different kind of enemies
  • 3 different heroes, with their own ability and attack style
  • Endless game! Don't forget to share your high score!
  • Browser game - you don't need to download anything!
  • Mobile friendly
  • Addictive - do NOT play it if you have exams to take

How To Play:

  • Click/touch to a point to move
  • Click/touch once on a enemy to shoot at him, click/touch a second time to engage a melee fight
  • Collect 800 golds to call reinforcements (lower-left corner)
  • Don't let the monsters pass the left edge of the map
  • Your hero will automatically shoot at enemies on target

N.B. Sounds only available for Chrome

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