Astro is a 2D HTML5 Game inspired by the classic Asteroid. Astro has been developed with Phaser, and it can be either played alone or with a friend.

The aim of the game is to bring all the satellites to the dock without getting killed by the asteroids.


  • Only the Cargo ship can take satellites.
  • Players loose the game if the Cargo ship get destroyed.
  • Player 1 controls the Cargo ship, while Player 2 tries to defend with his Fighter ship.
  • Player 1 is able to upgrade Player 2 by pressing the button at the bottom of the screen. Upgrade costs 100 units of Mineral. Player 1 can also revive Player 2 with the same cost.


  • Player 1 (Cargo)
    • Mouse Left - Move
    • Mouse Right - Fire
  • Player 2
    • Arrow Keys - Move
    • Space - Fire

Source Code

If you're interested, you can find the source code on my Github page :)

Known Issues

If you experience any issue while playing (fonts missing, keyboard keys not working..) please consider updating / changing your browser.

Have Fun!